Etf Preview: Etfs, Futures Higher As Jobless Claims Fall To Lowest Level In Seven Weeks –

Experts did away with the recent notion that ETFs are a better investment than betting on individual stocks on Wednesday. David Nelson, chief strategist of Belpointe Asset Management, a Greenwich-based wealth management firm, said investors should shift attention back to individual stocks from overall indexes. “We’re past the time of index investing,” he said in an interview on CNBC’s “Closing Bell.” “All the liquidity (the Fed) pumped in brought up the bad with the good, and we’re seeing less of that.” Read More 10 rookie ETFs that raked in the 2014 cash Peter Costa, president of Empire Executions, a New York City-based trading firm, said in the same interview he agreed with Nelson’s analysis. “In a growing market, everyone’s a genius,” he said. “When the market starts selling off, that’s when bottom-down research becomes very important.” Read More Are these ETFs cutting-edge or just plain crazy? Both men agreed that stock picking would be the best way to invest in 2015, but their approach in picking stocks deviates.

Investors should go back to picking stocks: Experts

Coca-Cola (KO) plans to cut at least 1,000 to 2,000 jobs in the coming weeks, according to a Tuesday report by The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed insiders. It cited one person as saying the cuts could exceed 2,000 jobs. Notices will go out to North American employees Jan. 8 and international employees will be given a timeline for cuts by Jan. 15, the report said. The company is also telling executives to tighten their belts, swapping limousines for taxis, and has dropped a lavish Christmas party for Wall Street analysts.

Buy Europe Without Euro Risk With This New ETF – ETF News And Commentary –

This, coupled with an accommodative central bank, undoubtedly warrants a look at the Euro zone to earn some quick gains. However, this return can be curtailed on repatriation as the U.S. dollar is hovering at multi-year highs on QE taper and rising rate risk for next year. In such a scenario, possessing DBEZ, which is protected from currency translation, in one’s portfolio might be a wise decision (read: 3 European ETFs Worth Considering on ECB Measures ). Competition The European ETF space is pretty competitive, so it could be slightly tough for the new entrant to build up assets.

ETF Trends To Watch For In 2015 –

The ETN follows the S&P MLP Index and charges 80 bps in fees per year from investors. It sees good volume of about 147,000 shares per day on average and has added 4.2% so far this year (read: 3 Promising MLP ETFs Now on Sale). stock market, volatility has also been on the rise thanks to global economic slowdown concerns, geopolitical tensions, and lower oil prices. As a result, many investors have taken advantage of the rising volatility while protecting their long equity positions simultaneously by investing in volatility hedged equity ETFs. Investors should note that the space is not much crowded and most of the products gained greater traction this year.

3 Thriving ETFs with Over 500% AUM Growth in 2014 – ETF News And Commentary – Yahoo Finance

The New Year will offer up several interesting new trends that ETF investors should take note of and ultimately may consider for inclusion in their portfolios. Ultimately, there are only so many ways you can slice and dice a subset to securities in the quest to market new investment opportunities. 2014 marked a significant number of active and smart beta ETFs being released with several accumulating hundreds of millions in assets. I expect that 2015 will usher in additional active strategies that allow investment managers the flexibility to enhance their returns though security selection, position sizing, and research. In addition, competition in this space should significantly reduce fund expenses as ETF providers fight to differentiate themselves and attract assets. Currently most active ETFs have expense ratios ranging between 0.50%-1.00%.


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