Obama: American Combat Troops Will Not Be Sent Back To Iraq – Yahoo News

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Source: http://news.yahoo.com/obama-american-combat-troops-not-sent-back-iraq-013725038.html

Obama authorizes airstrikes in northern Iraq – News – NorthJersey.com

Today America is coming to help, he declared. The announcements reflected the deepest American engagement in Iraq since U.S. troops withdrew in late 2011 after nearly a decade of war. Obama, who made his remarks in a steady and somber tone, has staked much of his legacy as president on ending what he has called the dumb war in Iraq. Obama said the humanitarian airdrops were made at the request of the Iraqi government. The food and water supplies were delivered to the tens of thousands of Yazidis trapped on a mountain without food and water.
Source: http://www.northjersey.com/news/obama-authorizes-airstrikes-in-northern-iraq-1.1064161

Obama: Don’t be so cynical | TheHill

military to conduct airstrikes “if necessary” against Islamist militants in Iraq, and the military has conducted a mission to drop humanitarian aid there to help religious minorities stranded amid the violence. Obama said in the statement from the White House the U.S. military is authorized to launch targeted airstrikes if Islamist militants advance toward American personnel in northern Iraq. Declaring that “America is coming to help,” he also said that the U.S. decided to conduct the drops to the 50,000 or so religious minorities stranded on a mountaintop in the country’s north, who have been forced to flee their homes as the militants advanced. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT Obama said the religious minorities are under the threat of genocide from militants from the Islamic State (IS), the group formerly known as ISIS, and are stranded on the mountain without food or water.
Source: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/08/08/obama-authorizes-air-strikes-against-militants-in-iraq/

Obama authorizes airstrikes in Iraq, says ‘America is coming to help’ | Fox News

No such action taken. A separate Kurdish religious minority, the Yazidi, received international attention on download Thursday when it was reported that several thousand of their members were hiding out in mountains near the Syrian border after being pushed from their villages by ISIL . NBC News’ Richard Engel cited sources claiming that should Obama give the order for airstrikes that military plans were already in place for such an attack to begin immediately. US military source says ISIS targets chosen, “lined up” in #iraq . just awaiting order. “fingers on the trigger.” Richard Engel (@RichardEngel) August 7, 2014 Meanwhile, if the humanitarian drops have already begun, it might explain why Kurdish officials assumed the drops were in fact military strikes.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/conflicting-reports-on-if-u-s–has-begun-airstrikes-in-iraq-to-fend-off-jihadists-220943877.html

Obama approves humanitarian aid to besieged Iraqis; reportedly considering airstrikes – Yahoo News

Cynicism is the idea that the game is rigged, everyone’s in it for himself or herself,andthere’s no point in trying to make a difference. Embracing cynicism is a choice, Favreau explained, defining what Obama means in these speeches. And it’s just as possible to choose a path where you understand the enormity of the challenges we’re facing as a country, but keep forging ahead and trying anyway. And that’s really been his message from day one.” Republicans say Obama simply hasnt delivered and its no surprise that voters feel disappointed. President Obama got elected promising to change politics and America’s position in world and he’s disappointed ever since on everything from the economy to healthcare, immigration and crisis abroad, said Kirsten Kukowski, a spokesperson for the Republican National Committee. Democratic strategist Jamal Simmons said the White House is pushing this message to rally the troops because “they’re very conscious of how much time they have left to get things done. And some Democrats say Obama needs to take the cynicism talk one step further.
Source: http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/214636-obama-dont-be-so-cynical

Obama Citing Genocide Overcomes War Wariness With Strikes – Bloomberg

Like Obamas aides, the British and French leaders — and their predecessors — have often prodded the U.S. president to deploy military assets in service of humanitarian intervention. Even so, Obama administration officials have signaled they want Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki gone. If hes replaced by a coalition government thats inclusive of Sunnis, that could help thwart Islamic State. In the case of Syria, the threat — rather than the use — of U.S. military force persuaded President Bashar Al-Assad to give up chemical weapons capabilities.
Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-08-08/obama-citing-genocide-overcomes-war-wariness-with-strikes.html


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