Ketk Nbc: Obama Authorizes Reconnaissance Flights Over Syria, U.s. Official Says

The Daily Tar Heel :: Obama visiting Charlotte today to address Veterans Affairs scandal

Warning from Syrian regime Any U.S. military action in Syria would have to contend with the complexities of the vicious conflict that has torn the Middle Eastern country apart over the past several years. The civil war has killed more than 191,000 people, according to U.N. estimates. Last year, the Obama administration tried to build support for military action against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, which it accused of using chemical weapons against opposition forces and civilians. But Obama ultimately held back from the politically unpopular move after Russia proposed a plan to dispose of Syria’s chemical weapons.

Perry spoke openly about the indictment, the Concord Monitor reports , saying hed be exonerated. Ryan continues book tour: On CBSs Face the Nation , Bob Schieffer asked Paul Ryan why he didnt criticize Republicans who shut down the government at the time (as he does in his new book, calling it a suicide mission), to which he responded, party unity. But the much more critical passage in his book, he continued, is actually intended to strengthen party unity by forcing his party to unite around more than what theyre against. Helping define a party with a big enough tent to win the Electoral College is what his book is all about, Ryan said. The former vice presidential nominee said he wished Mitt Romney would run in 2016, and that hed make his own decision in 2015. Elsewhere on his book tour this weekend, Ryan was confronted in Florida by a group of Dreamers pressing him about his vote against Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Obama approves surveillance flights over Syria | Nation & World | The Seattle Times

support for the moderate Syrian rebels who view Assad as their main foe. On Monday, Syria warned the U.S. that it needed to coordinate airstrikes against the Islamic State or it would view them as a breach of its sovereignty and an act of aggression. But it signaled its readiness to work with the United States in a coordinated campaign against the militants. The reconnaissance flights would not be the first time the United States has entered Syrian air space without seeking permission. In July, U.S. special-operations forces carried out an unsuccessful rescue attempt for hostages held by the Islamic State, including journalist James Foley, whose death was revealed last week in a video.

Obama addresses American Legionnaires in North Carolina trip laden with politics | Star Tribune

The president’s address to the legionnaires Tuesday in Charlotte, North Carolina, is the latest administration response to the health care lapses that led to the resignation of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki in May. The White House says Obama will announce administration steps to strengthen access to mental health care by members of the military, to improve the transition for those leaving the military from care administered by the Defense Department to that run by Veterans Affairs, and to foster suicide prevention and better treatments for post-traumatic stress syndrome. For Obama, however, the visit to North Carolina has a heavy political subtext as well. The state’s Democratic senator, Kay Hagan, is in a difficult re-election race and Obama is not popular in the state. Hagan was scheduled to speak to the American Legion too, but her spokeswoman declined to say whether she would appear on stage with the president. The campaign of Hagan’s Republican opponent, Thom Tillis, accused Hagan of being a “rubber stamp” for Obama and “compliant with the administration’s failure to provide our veterans with the health care that they deserve.” Obama also could face a skeptical audience.

Obama gets change of scenery, but problems still the same | PBS NewsHour

Official VA records reported the average wait time was less than one month, but the review found veterans were waiting 115 days on average. Obama signed a reform bill Aug. 7 to give the VA resources to improve veterans access to quality health care. Obamas visit might have considerable implications for North Carolinas U.S. Senate race, said Wilson Parker, president of the UNC Young Democrats. A victory by Hagan or N.C.


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