Forex Profitcaster: Review Examining Bill Poulos’ Custom Web-based Trade Alert Software Released

Dollar was lower against the Japanese Yen on Sunday. USD/JPY was trading at 98.93, down 0.43% at time of writing. The pair was likely to find support at 98.50, today’s low, and resistance at 100.61, Wednesday’s high. Meanwhile, the U.S. Dollar was down against the Euro and the British Pound, with EUR/USD gaining 0.55% to hit 1.3370 and GBP/USD rising 0.37% to hit 1.5936. – offers an extensive set of professional tools for the financial markets.

Our Forex Profit Caster review shows it runs on two different time frames, both hourly and end of day and there are upgrades available if you want more. The alert software is based on the most up to date, breakthrough forecasting algorithms known at the triangle system, says Stevenson. With Forex Profit Caster, you are getting customized Forex trade alert software that incorporates proprietary ‘triangle’ forecasting algorithms from veteran trader Bill Poulos who has over 35 years of experience. Forex Profit Caster consists of both an educational section and an alert system; this doesn’t mean that the novice Forex trader is excluded from benefiting from the program. Even those who’ve been trading for years are likely to find the educational portion highly beneficial.

$600m forex auctioned at WDAS

1 reason why next weeks post-FOMC announcement is so important to the world. Many expect Bernankes post-FOMC statement and more importantly the economic projections will be geared toward providing relief to markets on the rate outlook. Anything that helps the European Central Bank and Bank of England (BoE) out should be deemed as a plus for the market! Carney Looks to Avert another False Dawn No one envies BoE Governor Mark Carney. Being a foreigner at the Old Lady and not one of the originals does not make his job any easier.

Forex – Weekly outlook: September 16 – 20

The material is intended for use by parties knowledgeable and experienced in the financial sector and is only one source amongst others to be considered in carrying on their business or activity. ACCORDINGLY 4CAST MAKES NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED STATUTORY OR OTHERWISE (INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO) THE ACCURACY OF THE MATERIAL IN THIS EMAIL AND ON THE WEBSITE OR THE FITNESS FOR PURPOSE AND ALL SUCH REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES ARE HEREBY EXPRESSLY EXCLUDED. 4Cast does not give or purport to give investment advice. Any action taken by users on the basis of material on this website is entirely at their own risk. Independent investment advice should be sought where appropriate. This email and the website may link to or be linked to other internet sites.

Forex: Hungry Dollar Bears Bet On Event Risk

In the week ahead, investors will be keenly anticipating the outcome of the Fed’s policy-setting meeting on Wednesday, and a press conference with Fed chief Ben Bernanke will be closely watched. The U.K. is to publish data on retail sales and the Bank of England is to release the minutes of its latest meeting. The ZEW index of German economic sentiment and a rate announcement by the Swiss National Bank will also be in focus. Ahead of the coming week, has compiled a list of these and other significant events likely to affect the markets.

Forex Strategy: The US Dollar Hedge

The transaction was at a marginal rate of N155.76 to a dollar while the weighted average rate stood at N155.77 to a dollar. The highest bid rate was N155.79 to a dollar and the lowest bid rate was N155.79 to a dollar. All the 20 banks that participated in the bid were successful. Also last Wednesday, the CBN offered and sold $300 million at a marginal rate of N155.76 to a dollar. The weighted average rate of the transaction stood at N155.77 to a dollar.

Forex – EUR/SGD, EUR/USD Flows: ECB Praet: has room to react to any Fed taper

Advantageous risk-reward ratios are an absolute necessity in the strategy and without them the USD hedge will not work properly. We looked at this topic in depth in the article How to Identify Positive Risk-Reward Ratios with Price Action . The trader looks to buy the dollar in a pair, using a 1-to-2 risk reward ratio; and then the trader looks to sell the dollar in a pair, also using a 1-to-2 risk to reward ratio. The risk and reward amounts from each setup need to be roughly equal. Risk-Reward is what allows the strategy to work properly Created with Trading Station & Marketscope Then, when the US dollar begins its movement, the objective is for one trade to hit its stop, and the other to move to its profit target. But because the trader is making two times the amount on the winner than they lose on the other position, they can net a profit simply by looking to utilize win-one, lose-one logic.


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