Can Kickstarter Save Hollywood?

Pairing big names with titular explosions, give or take a franchise, isnt enough to pack theaters these days. Which, as producer Lynda Obst argues in her book, Sleepless in Hollywood: Tales From the New Abnormal in the Movie Business , is why Kickstarter take off in the first place. It shows this hunger for original material, she said. Perhaps its some weird effect that reality television has had on the business that people think, If they can’t do it, we can. Or perhaps it’s a kind of participatory democracy at a time when we feel powerless. Since Kickstarter launched in 2009, a total of $720 million has been raised by the site, with film being the second to largest category after music. Thousands of people have contributed to nearly 30,000 films on Kickstarter. For fans like Mayfield, The most exciting part has been getting updates about the movie from Rob Thomas and discussingthem with my friends who are Veronica Mars fans, she wrote.

Letters: Big buildings in little Hollywood

Apparently these people think they know better than geologists and seismologists. Many people I know have already stopped going to Hollywood because of the overdevelopment and hideous electronic billboards. The current proposal would make Hollywood more like Broadway in New York, and that’s not a good thing. Also

Hollywood Central Park Redesigns Website to Encourage Community Input

Posted by Marla Schevker (Editor) , July 29, 2013 at 11:38 AM Next Previous Slideshow Download In an effort to encourage creative individuals to offer designs for a new stretch of park, the Friends of the Hollywood Central Park (FHCP) released a new feature on its website ( ) that allows for interaction and creation. People now have the opportunity to create their own versions of the 44-acre park planned for the one-mile stretch of the Hollywood Freeway between Hollywood Boulevard/Bronson Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard/Western Avenue. According to the FHCP press release, the website, offers numerous possibilities for potential features at the park including cafes, dog parks, libraries and landscaping. Participants are invited to submit their designs to the FHCP board, who will attempt to incorporate the ideas into the final design. Knowing the level of interest in the community about Hollywood Central Park, we decided the best way to get input on what should be built was give everybody a chance to create their dream park, Laurie Goldman, FHCP president, said in a written statement. This is everybodys park, and everybody should have an opportunity to submit their own ideas.


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