Paula Deen Hires Hollywood Power Lawyer Patty Glaser

Barack Hollywood Obama: How The Media Sold the President As Populist, Not Elitist

Embattled celebrity chef Paula Deen is bringing in some Hollywood firepower in the wake of her N-word scandal. our editor recommends Tax Lawyer: Hollywood Needs Federal Incentives Now (Guest Column) Patricia Glaser, the litigator who handled Conan O’Brien’s exit from NBC and recently represented Keith Olbermann in his litigation with Current TV, has been hired to lead Deen’s legal team, a source confirms to The Hollywood Reporter . Glaser, a regular honoree on THR’s annual Power Lawyers list of the top entertainment attorneys in America, will not be representing Deen in the lawsuit filed by Lisa Jackson, a former manager of Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House that Deen co-owns with her brother. Deen has parted ways with the Oliver Maner firm that was representing her in that case and has brought on Grace Speights, a Washington-based partner in Morgan Lewis’ employment practice. STORY: Alleged Paula Deen Extortionist Arrested Rather, Glaser and her Los Angeles-based firm will serve as overall counsel to Deen, managing any future legal dustups that might arise and handling her relationships with sponsors, most of whom dropped her after a deposition was made public in which Deen admitted to using the N-word decades ago. Glaser declined to comment. Besides being one of the top litigators in Hollywood, Glaser shares a Southern upbringing with her new client, having been raised in West Virginia.
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“A little fundraising.” That’s like saying Michelle does “a little vacationing.” That evening, NBC anchor Brian Williams put more emphasis on Obama’s attempt to link himself with economic success stories: “President Obama was in the Midwest today, as well, visiting a Master Lock plant in Wisconsin that has brought some overseas jobs back to the United States. The president pitched his ideas for tax cuts for manufacturing businesses and penalties for companies that move jobs out of the country.” The glitzy fundraisers were a tiny footnote, an afterthought: “Tonight he’s on a fundraising tour of the West Coast, eight separate events from L.A. to Seattle.” On May 10, the Obama campaign raised $15 million in a fundraiser at George Clooney’s mansion. This occasion drew network attention, but it wasn’t negative., ABC’s Jake Tapper called it “Starmageddon.” NBC anchor Brian Williams said Obama hoped “to capitalize on the history he made yesterday” by announcing his support for gay marriage. Over on CBS, reporter Bill Whitaker turned the event around on Romney: “A-list actors and producers arrived in style,” he announced, and interviewed director Rob Reiner. “He says Hollywood progressives who helped put Mr.
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Hollywood to renovate Sherman Street Bridge

“[The bridge] is structurally sound for traffic,” she said. “The repairs are mostly to maintain the stability of the side slope conditions of the bridge, so there is no concern that the main bridge structure is in danger of being structurally unsound or that the road is in any jeopardy.” The city has been trying to secure a contractor for the project since late last year. A bid of $147,520 by H.A.
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